Train Trek™ Automation Station

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New Version 5.0.0

New Era in Digital Model Railroading Automation!

Especially Designed for Marklin Digital systems

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Here at Tayden Design, we have been developing unique Digital Command Control (DCC) Automation software over the last 5 years. The main objective of the software is to provide an advanced automation environment for digital layout operation.

Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station was developed especially for Märklin Digital system. It exclusively supports Märklin Digital system and enables the user to utilize all of it's features. The software includes a user friendly Graphical User Interface to easily automate all digital system devices like Engines, Turnouts and accessories.


Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station - History:

Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station (AS) is the next generation of computer controlled model railroad software. Here, we took further steps and implemented new technologies and concepts. Within AS, we incorporated advanced mathematical theories and approaches. The basic idea was to create an entire computerized environment that can be different from the software that exists today, a system that learns. A system, that will be interactively involved with the daily operation of the layout, watch it, study its characteristics and make its own conclusions for the future. A system, that will be intelligent and advanced, yet user friendly. Not just for the programmers or the not so technically minded audience…This program is for beginners as well as experienced railroaders. But most of all, it is a system that thinks!


The Simplex Theory is one of our main mathematical theories:

One of the interesting mathematical theories that we implemented inside AS is called: The Simplex Theory. This theory provided AS with the ability to process continuous input of simultaneous situations like speed, timing, Train's length, direction, estimated arrival time and many more factors for each train in the system. In this way, the system could constantly predict all future events. One, of course being the most dangerous for train systems would be a potential collision. Incorporated with the Simplex Theory, AS includes other complex theories from a variety of arenas. You might say that AS sees everything that is happening on your layout as a huge puzzle, and is constantly solving this puzzle in millions of ways, always responding with the best solutions for the worse case scenarios.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come of age Learning Capabilities:

One can say that AS is "gifted". It can learn! You can teach the system your routes! Simply click on the: 'Start Learn' button and run your route. The software 'learns' the route as you execute it. When you are done running your route simply click on the: 'Stop Learn' and that's it! Give your route a name and the system will store it for future use. Next time when you are interested to run this particular route, simply load it and run it! This is just the beginning...

We gave AS life by creating a learning mechanism. AS is recording every situation on the layout at all times. After being recorded and categorized, the situation will be analyzed. In case a unique situation occurs or a predicted scenario that may evolve from this situation, AS will note the case, make a conclusion and save it for future use. All of these activities are done simultaneously while AS is still running and monitoring the layout’s regular activities. The next time a similar event occurs, AS might already be trained to handle this situation.

In extreme cases or in an emergency situation AS might even shut off part of the system or the entire system if needed. It is an amazing concept, but AS is actually a live application that actually learns from experience. This is the first time a computer's artificial intelligence has been used for model railroad applications.


Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station Scheduling:

Using Train Trek Automation Station user can schedule the entire layout operation. The entire layout can be setup to 'wakeup' at a certain time and 'go to sleep' at another time. Make your layout come alive automatically, run for couple hours and go into sleep mode until the next day. The system offers a nice combination of running by the date and the time of day. Trains can start/stop running during the day or night accompanied by turning the layout lights on/off to create a realistic illusion of the time of the day.


Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station - The System that Thinks!

AS is an intelligent way to run your digital controlled layout. With AS user can operate his/her layout manually or automatically. User may let AS watch all of the layout activities in order to learn his/her layout characteristics. In this case while user is activating the layout, AS is constantly learning the layout operation and behavior. While learning, AS will make its conclusions and record them for future use, automate your entire layout operation, easily create train routes, change turnout positions, change train direction, alter speed and more.

DCC System Requirements: Marklin Digital System. Click here for details.

NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE NEEDED! With only a few clicks you can setup an entire route. With the activation of the LEARN switch, AS will start to learn all of the activities from that moment on. Click on PLAY to re-activate what AS has learned. Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station is State of the art Artificial Intelligence DCC Software! There is nothing else like it!

Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station™ provides you with a detailed user's manual and documentations. It also includes a quick manual - 'To Get You Started' in 3 steps! In three easy steps you will be running your layout with Train Trek Intelligence AS!

Train Trek Intelligence Automation Station™ is compatible with MS Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and especially designed for Märklin Digital system.