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How much is your collection worth?

You have collected model trains for many years now but you just haven’t had the ability or the means to regulate and calculate your collections value. Yes, you probably have a rough estimation of about how much each piece in your collection is worth, but you never really had a complete organized database that accurately provides you with an entire overlook and estimated value.


That is why we designed Fort Knox! The program is PATENTED and COPYRIGHTED according to US and International trade secrets treaties!

This is a new concept in the Model Railroading world!!!


Fort Knox is an advanced appraising system for model trains. The program is specially designed to keep records of your model railroading equipment and its value. Furthermore, with Fort Knox you can forecast its appreciation. It is possible to calculate the estimated appreciation of your individual items or the entire collection! The software analyzes its purchase price, current value and estimated appreciation and forecasts how much it will be worth at any given time in the future. For example, you may need to know what a specific locomotives value will be in exactly one, two or ten years from now. Based on the initial information that the user has provided, the program is capable of calculating your inventory’s appreciation in the click of a button. In the instance that you may have sold the item, the program will tell you your profit or loss.


Fort Knox maintains your entire model railroading collection in an easy to manage, easy to view system. It records vital information like purchase date, purchase price, manufacturer, condition and much more.


You can print a full report of the items history or forecasted value. The program has a history record feature for each item which is essential for the item’s evaluation, especially when it comes to antiques.


One of the key advantages of the program is its customization capability. Fort Knox is fully customizable when it comes to organizing your database. You can create an un-limited amount of categories and sub-categories to successfully maintain your entire railroading collection! This advanced feature enables you to store all of your items according to their classification.


You may include an image with each item which will appear as a thumb nail and allow you to visualize your collection. You will be able to locate and view your item from its category or just by clicking on its image. This feature is very efficient to quickly identify an item within the database. Fort Knox is also equipped with a slide show feature which enables you to scan the entire inventory. The software provides a reporting system and print method to maintain hard copies of you collection. The software comes with a built-in tutorial and on-line help.


One of the most important aspects of the program is its simplicity! We especially focused on making it easy and user friendly for the everyday collector!

Fort Knox is user friendly, mainly intuitive, yet advanced behind the scene.



Comprehensive Embedded Inventory System

The program keeps a full inventory of your model railroading collection. The inventory system that is include within Fort Knox is easy to use yet powerful and comprehensive. You have the freedom to create un-limited categories and sub-categories of your entire collection, categorizing it exactly the way you desire! The program includes advanced reporting system that enables a complete report of individual categories or your entire collection. The database system is un-limited! You can add as many items you want. The only limitation is the size of your hard drive!


Advanced Appraisal Categories Feature

Fort Knox is equipped with Appraisal Categories feature.The Appraisal Categories system creates appraising categories according to item’s classification. Each category represents a general appraisal value for a certain classification of items. For Example: Items that belongs to a similar value group can be categorize under one Appraisal Category since their value will increase/decrease in the same rate.




Images System

The user may store an image of the item and the parts that were replaced or serviced. This feature is very efficient, especially with unique parts or special electronic circuits. Digital Decoders and circuits are to be checked and activated the same as mechanical systems. Fort Knox is designed to keep track of all of your electronics and digital systems. The software provides a nice reporting system to maintain hard copies of your items. The software comes with a built-in tutorial and on-line help. We made it easy for use, mainly intuitive.


Easy Reports

The software provides an easy reporting system to maintain hard copies of you collection. In addition the program offers forecasted reports for future estimation of your collection.


New Concept

This is the first time in the history that such a concept has been introduced to the model railroading arena. It has been specially designed to maintain and calculate the value and appreciation of your collection. Included in the software is a Live Update feature which enables life time FREE upgrades and enhancements via download directly from Tayden Design’s web site.


User Friendly, Not for Computer Engineers only…

Fort Knox is user friendly, mainly intuitive, yet advanced behind the scene.



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