Train Trek Layout Simulation (LS)™

A New Concept in Model Railroading Simulation and Automation

Layout Simulation for all train types and scales!

Version 1.0.0 DCC Supports Marklin Digital system



Train Trek Layout Simulation (LS)™

New Concept!

  • Easy for use Layout Planning Editor (Diagrammatically)
  • Quick Layout assembly including locomotives, cars, turnouts, sensors and scenery.
  • Full Layout Simulation! Plan and simulate your routes, on-screen, before running them in real life!
  • Full Layout Automation using time table!
  • Easy for use, mainly intuitive!
  • Supports all trains types and scales!
  • Version 1.0.0: DCC supports Marklin Digital system.
  • Next Version will support Digitrax System.System Support
  • Train Trek Layout Simulation™ is compatible with Marklin’s 6021 Central Control, 6050/6051 Interface.


Train Trek Layout Simulation (LS)™ is advanced automation and simulation control software specially designed for Märklin Digital system.


The main goal of the software tool is to provide easy layout simulation and automation of a Marklin based digital layout.


Plan, build and simulate your layout before running it! After the simulation, user may run the entire layout manually and/or automatically with a click of a button. Train Trek Layout Simulation (LS)™ is user friendly, mainly intuitive, yet advanced behind the scene.



Train Trek Layout Simulation (LS)™ is the next generation of computer controlled model railroading software. Here, we took further steps and implemented new technologies and concepts. The basic idea is to create an entire computerized environment to simulate and automate Digital Layouts. Users can easily build their layouts on-screen and simulate all trains operations prior to their actual run. Any type of automated routes can be visually simulated and inspected before actual route execution.


User can create an entire layout operation that is included but not limited to hidden yards, passenger and freight routes, daily scheduled operations and more. After planning layout activities, user can simulate it on-screen manually and/or automatically before real execution.


This feature enables users to create experimental routes for further testing and planning. When the desired route is finalized, user may execute it with a click of a button! The program offers user friendly track editor to assemble layouts. Enhancing the system, we incorporated a scenery editor to design the layout landscape.


This feature enables the user to design the layout’s landscape by creating roads, trees, lakes, buildings, train stations, refineries, residential houses or any other structure desired by user. Now the layout looks more realistic, like in real life! We designed the system to be ‘light weight’ and not overload your PC memory, enabling smooth simulation and flawless automation. The program is for beginners as well as experienced railroaders. Most of all, it is a lot of fun!





Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) provides the next Key features:

  • Advanced, yet user friendly Tracks Editor. Simple and diagrammatically assemble your layout, place your trains and scenery.
  • Scenery Editor – Layout Landscape Editor. This feature includes terrain such as trees, lakes and roads. Also, Structural objects such as train stations, residential houses, buildings etc.’)
  • Time Table – Full Layout Automation. User can design a route according to steps and schedules. The entire layout activities can be automatically controlled. The system offers the control of all trains, turnouts, Accessories, Sensors support, delays, acceleration/deceleration, lights, sound and functions.
  • Digital ID – Each layout controlled component (Trains, Turnouts, Etc,) is identified by a certain ID and can be visually viewed at any time.
  • Manual and Automatic control – User may interact with the system, while automatically controlled, by simple clicking on objects.
  • Visual representation of sensors activation and any other controlled component.
  • The system is especially designed for Märklin Digital systems and maximizes the system’s features.
  • Advanced graphics, yet ‘light weight’, not clogging the system’s memory.
  • Robust documentation and a ‘To Get You Started in 3 Easy Steps’ manual.
  • Live Update – Automatically upgrade your system with any new releases or fixes directly from Tayden’s web site.


Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Tracks and Turnout Editor: Diagrammatically assemble your layout on-screen! The track editor is not scaled or bound to any manufacturer track system which provides all the flexibility to create your layout for all types of trains or tracks! Simple for use, mainly intuitive!




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ – Layout Editor Sample

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Scenery Editor: Draw your layout scenery in minutes! Place trees, roads, houses and other structural objects. (Train Stations, Refineries, Factories, Etc’). It all adds to the layout’s realism!





Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) – Scenery Editor Sample

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Time Table: Unlimited automation possibilities! Create an endless number of customizable routes. Using the time table feature you can easily automate your layout to perform all types of prototypical railroading activities. Run trains, switch turnouts and activate accessories. Due to the program’s ease, in just minutes you can create all desired customizable automation effortlessly! Do not forget, simulate it first and then run it live!




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) – Time Table Sample

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Digital ID: Every Digital Device can be easily identify by it’s digital ID! Each train, turnout and accessory is automatically assigned a Digital ID. Double-Click on the item’s Digital ID to show it’s properties.




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS)

– Digital ID Sample
Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Sensors – The system offers an easy mechanism to place sensors. Sensors may be used to triggered trains, turnouts and/or accessories activities. For example: When a sensor is triggered , other trains and turnouts are set to change position as preset in the timetable by user.




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Sensors System

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) LiveUpdate – Update/Upgrade your system directly from our web site using the LiveUpdate utility. While you are on-line, you may activate to LiveUpdate system to check for new versions. In case of new version or upgrade the system will provide you this option for FREE. The current version will be automatically replaced by the most recent version via automatic download from our web site.




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) – LiveUpdate

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) Manual Operation – The system is equipped with a throttle panel. Here you can directly control your trains and activate their functions. The system also includes an acceleration/deceleration mechanism for authentic realism. To activate turnouts, simply double-click on the turnout itself and its position will change.




Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) – Throttle Panel

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) To Get you Started in 3 Easy Steps! – The program provides you with full documentation including a “To Get you Started in 3 Easy Steps” user’s guide! Using this guide you can be up and running in no time…

Train Trek Layout Simulation™ (LS) layout simulation works for all train types and scales! Version 1.0.0 also run the trains and supports Marklin Digital system only.
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Compatible with MS Windows 7, 8, 10

Please Note: Train Trek Layout Simulation requires .NET extensions.

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